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Read on for everything you need to know about your permanent jewellery appointment.

How your appointment works:

Our Location:

656 Newcastle St, Leederville
(The Pink House!)


The Lovers is located inside The Pink House building.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Free 1 hour parking near Leederville skatepark (you will need a ticket!)
  • Entrance on Newcastle St. –ย  Google Maps may redirect you to Carr St so enter through Babylon Cafe during opening hours!
  • If you’ve been waiting feel free to come in and let us know!
  • Unfortunantely we can’t take arrivals more than 5 miutes late

Our Forever Jewellery Options:

Need To Reschedule?

We get it, life happens!

You can reschedule your appointment up to 48 hours before your appointment time (ย cancellations and changes after this time will incur an admin fee).

You can reschedule by heading to your confirmation email and hitting ‘Reschedule’.

โœฆ Appointment FAQs โœฆ

What is Permanent Jewellery?
Permanent jewellery (or Soldered Permanent Jewellery) is jewellery designed to stay on your wrist always (yep, 24/7!). Unlike other bracelets, they have no clasp and will be welded on for lasting, permanent wear!

Think of it as a grown-up friendship bracelet or jewellery tattoo with less commitment! Perfect for celebrating connections, friendships, siblings and mother-daughter! ๐Ÿ™‚

How Does Soldered Permanent Jewellery Work?
Itโ€™s super simple! Our in-house permanent jewellers custom fit a forever bracelet to your wrist and then, using our unique process, the piece is zapped (welded) into place permanently.
Does Getting Permanent Jewellery Hurt?
Not at all! Weโ€™ll custom-fit to your wrist to ensure the perfect fit, a lil flash of light andโ€ฆta-da! Ultra quick, extremely safe and completely painless so you wonโ€™t feel a thing โ€“ we guarantee it ๐Ÿ™‚
How long does Permanent Jewellery last?
The lifespan of your forever bracelet is highly dependent on your lifestyle and other external factors. We choose the highest quality 14k pieces that can be worn every day, in the shower, sunshine, and beyond so that tarnish will be minimal if existent.

Our pieces are 100% 14k Gold-Filled or Solid Sterling Silver which means, with proper love and care they can last many years to come!

They are permanent, not indestructible! Like all jewellery, they may rip, cut and tear in extreme circumstances.

Want to ensure your bracelet will sparkle for a lifetime?

Choosing solid gold options will ensure forever sparkle for decades.

What if I need to remove my Permanent Jewellery?
Great question! Lots of people have permanent jewellery and (for one reason or another) need to remove it.

Luckily Itโ€™s super simple โ€“ in fact you can just cut it off with household scissors (ideally at the lilโ€™ ring that connects the ends of the chain, this means you can use the chain later on!).

If you need to do so, please email us at hello@shopthelovers.com and we can book you in for a small fee to re-weld your piece!

Can I go through an airport?
Of course! Travelling through airport security and TSA should not be an issue with your permanent jewellery or forever bracelet due to itโ€™s dainty, delicate nature.

We have been on multiple trips and it’s never been an issue.

What if I am having surgery?
Whether or not your permanent jewellery needs to be removed in a hospital depends highly on the type of surgery you are undergoing.

If a medical professional asks you to remove your forever bracelet before entering an operation, you can simply cut off the bracelet at the small ring connector and for a small fee The Lovers will re-weld this for you!

What is the minimum age for permanent jewellery?
We currently have a minimum age of 14 years old to get permanent jewellery. However, we do offer clasped options for any age!

We recommend following us on Instagram (@shopthelovers_) to find out our latest updates!

Do you offer Permanent Anklets and Necklaces?
We do! All of our chains are available as forevers anklets and custom fit necklaces!

We recommend following us on Instagram (@shopthelovers_) to find out our latest offerings!

Can I book a Private Permanent Jewellery Party?
Yes! Permanent Jewellery parties are the perfect celebration for birthdays, hens parties, graduations, showers, work events girls night and more! Bookings require a minimum of 6 people, location dependent.

Party of 10? The Lovers will provide a complimentary permanent bracelet for the host!โœจ 

Interested? Contact us today by emailing hello@shopthelovers.com


Do you offer Permanent Jewellery in Sterling Silver?
Yes! You can choose from Solid sterling silver permanent jewellery or 100% 14k gold-filled forever bracelets.Please note that sterling silver can last for years but does tarnish in time, however a quick at-home polish will brighten it up in no time.

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